White Out My window


We made it up to Wisconsin just in time for the first snowfall. We came up Thursday and I think it snowed on Saturday, about three inches. It’s been so wonderful to be here again.

I remember thinking last Aug, our first time back in about two years, that Wisconsin really did look nice in the summer. It was all so quaint and homey with all the farms, corn fields, empty ball diamonds, etc. Everything was so green. Driving by in the car was like the feeling you get looking at the Grand Canyon- it makes you smile inwardly, happy to be alive that moment. It’s funny how cows and barns can do that too.

I’m enchanted all over again by the white and snowy landscape that I see all around me now in December. You have to understand that I DREAM of snow when I’m in Sumatra. Yeah, really! To say it’s hot over there doesn’t nearly describe it. It’s the kind of hot that seeps into your bones and makes your skin pasty all day long. You sweat from the inside out. It’s a draining , exhausting kind of heat. But to see this landscape, stand in a field and feel a chill run up my back makes me glad in new ways. I’m again at the Grand Canyon, eyes wide open, enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds around me. Here in Wisconsin it’s not so much what you hear, but what you don’t hear. The snow flecked trees, the carpet of white stretching out in front of me, steam coming from my breath. . . it’s completely SILENT.

Yes, I’m enjoying the winter and will continue to do so. I know most people in Wisconsin feel differently about it. But for this one Sumatra guy, I can’t stop smiling.

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