The Biggest Transition Yet

It’s been almost a week since I’ve seen my family. Kim’s been in Indiana with Eli and I’ve been up in Wisconsin for a few interviews. It’s only been about five days and I’ve really been missing them. It’ll be hard when I finally get a ‘normal’ job and have to be away from them ALL day. It’ll be quite the transition.

I’ve been so blessed these last several years to spend so much time with my family. That’s one of the unexpected side benefits of doing missionary work overseas. Sure, your job description may be a bit confusing at times, as well as the language, culture, and just about everything else. It’s a pressure cooker experience. But going through it with those closest to you, ie. your family, bonds you in unique and special ways. I’ve really enjoyed the bond that’s developed between us. I hope we never lose that.

But I realize this is not the norm. Most people GO to work. Having a 9-5 job will be a fairly large transition for us as a family. We’ve already gone through so many! In the first seven years of our marriage Kim and I have lived in four different states, two different countries, and eight cities. We’ve been to some truly wild places. We’ve adjusted to foreign cultures and customs, lived in rather rugged conditions. Eaten some strange foods. But something tells me the biggest transitions have yet to come, now that we’re finally trying to ‘settle down’. I think being apart from Kim and Eli will be the biggest one yet. How ironic that now when we’re most normal, it feels the most strange.

We face this new challenge as we’ve faced so many in the past- with boldness, a little bit of fear, and trust as we step into the unknown, one more time. We’re trusting the Lord to lead us through, as He has so many times in the past.

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