Starting Our Own Business

God has laid a new opportunity at our feet that both Kim and I are really excited about. It’s been a pretty fun past couple weeks.

Let me recap for a moment where we’ve been. We returned home from Indonesia last March. We spent about four months at headquarters debriefing with our organization, and starting to readjust to life in the States. In August we moved back in with our parents, bouncing between Indiana and Wisconsin. We put in our resignation at this time and I started looking for jobs.

The job search has gone pretty well. I’ve had quite a lot of feedback from my inquiries and have been called in a few times for interviews. It’s been a positive and emotional experience. Job searching is a little bit like riding a roller coaster- you’re up, you’re down, you’re up, you’re down. Your confidence can swing from one week to the next.

But we’ve been praying, and our prayer has been simply that God would provide for our needs. But to pray that I have to first admit something very important. I have to admit that God knows better than me about what I need. This is sometimes hard to do, because in the back of my head I already have a picture of just what God’s answer might be. I have an expectation. God has a way of providing what we need, truly. And often what we need turns out to be very different than what we expect. That’s what trust in God is all about.

So what’s this new opportunity I’m talking about? God has opened a door for Kim and me to start our own business. Again, this is not what I expected, but it’s a clear answer to prayer. A lady from our church is retiring after fifteen years in the web business and has been looking for someone to take over her websites and clients. What timing! She’s offered to hand this over to us and we couldn’t be more excited.

In a way, starting our business isn’t terribly different from what we’re used to. We’ve been essentially self-employed for the last several years in Indonesia. We’re used to working by ourselves, motivating ourselves, being our own bosses. Kim and I have learned to work really well together as a team. And we have complementary skills- Kim is a designer, and I do web and tech. All this we see now, in hindsight. But it just makes so much sense. Of course, there is a huge learning curve when it comes to running a business. I’m thankful for this opportunity, this gift. The scriptures say we need to be good stewards of our gifts. Invest them, multiply them. Okay, Lord, I will.

We don’t have a name yet. We don’t have a location or an office. But I know this is from the Lord. I have full confidence that this is His answer to us, His direction. I’ve never heard God’s voice audibly before. But for me, this is as loud as it gets.

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  1. Josh
    Josh says:

    We’re not sure about location yet. It might be a good idea to at least start in the Portage area, as that is where the majority of our initial clients are coming from. We want to get to know and form close relationships with our clients, so being close has that advantage.


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