If Anyone Loves Me He will Keep My Word (video excerpt)


In a recent sermon, John Piper enunciates so beautifully what it means, or what it’s like to love Jesus- not a duty or obligation, but something that we value and treasure above all other things. Loving Jesus is savoring His words and life. “Taste, and see that the LORD is good” Psalm 34:8. Here is how Piper says it:

Loving Jesus is a reflex of new birth. Once you had a soul whose tastebuds found him bland, or even bitter. Then you were born again and you licked the gospel, and for the first time it caused a high. What was that?? You saw him you tasted him, you saw that the lord was good. That’s new birth. You must be born again to see, to taste this Jesus. You can’t love Jesus if you’re not born again because he’ll taste bad.

“Thank you Lord that you taste good to me. Thank you Lord for being sweet in my mouth and life. Thank you for opening my taste buds so that I now can savor you. Always taste sweet to me Jesus. Amen!”


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