Puzzle Progress Report! 27%

Hi friends,

Just a week and a half in, and we’ve been so encouraged by the gifts, sweet notes, and outpouring of love from this puzzle fundraiser. Honestly, this has been a blessing to our souls. Since returning back from overseas, at times we have struggled with feeling lonely/disconnected, but ever since starting this, it has been so so good to be reminded that we have really incredible friends and family all over the world. It’s been great to hear from and be back in touch with so many people. And how cool is it that every one of these pieces represents one of those people? Pretty amazing really.

So, onto our first progress report:

We are now at a little over 27% of the puzzle (139 pieces sold!) Woohoo!

Here’s a snapshot of where we’re at:

Just as a note, we promise we weren’t trying to be cheesy, but thought it was kinda fun that the first pieces of the puzzle that we were able to put together were the words, “The Lord Provides.”

Stay tuned for the next update & feel free to share with anyone that may be interested.



What’s this about? Find out more here: Puzzle Fundraiser Post

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