Office Space

It feels really great to be back in an office setting again. I have a desk, a little cubicle, a phone, plenty of quiet space to work from, and I’m just lovin’ it. I forgot how productive I can be if given a few hours of uninterrupted time. Simply amazing.

I’ve been needing this for a while. Our ‘work’ has very much evolved over the last several years. We started off doing a lot of ‘field work’- time in the village, time in relationships, time out of our home, making trips and talking to people. We really went deep in culture and relationships. And while that was great for a season we’re excited about this new chapter of more traditional ‘office work’. It sure is a switch from what we’re used to. And we’re excited to use our God-given skills and abilities in some different areas. Kim is picking up art and graphic design again. And I’m having fun with web development. So far full steam ahead.

I don’t think I take anything for granted anymore. We’ve lived pretty simply for the last five years. We’ve learned what it’s like to live without so many things. But now that we’re home it feels right to be here too. Trusting the Lord is always an adventure. Let’s go Lord!

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