Mounds of Paperwork!

So, we have started what is termed “the paper chase”…. ie one paper after another, after another! And you know what?! I’m actually kind of enjoying it. Now, you may laugh. I know it’s only the beginning. However, I will say this kind of reminds me of visa application- and we have done loads of that! Thankfully Josh and I are quite organized (due to before mentioned visa applications).

So here I am, sending in for background checks (did you know we have to have a check done everywhere we have lived since we were 18?! Those of you who know us may know that we have lived A LOT of places. That would be five states and four countries. We were pleased to hear that the countries we’ve lived in don’t keep background info for this sort of thing, so that makes life a little easier). We have also filled out paperwork for driving records, agency stuff, agreements, emergency planning (in WI), and have started physicals… About 20 papers down, I’d say maybe 10 more to go.  Then we have some trainings, a couples interview, two individual interviews, and a home study! Whew! Then we wait…

All that said, filling out papers kind of makes me excited. All this paperwork gets us one step closer to our little one.  I suppose these could be called labor pains- but as any mama can tell you, it’s all worth it in the end.

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