Jogging Through the Country

I’ve been running and biking again and it’s been enjoyable to be outdoors. We’re living with my parents here in Wisconsin and I just can’t get enough of the beautiful country landscape. This morning I was out jogging and couldn’t help but marvel at the quiet and stillness all around me. How is it that I can see for miles and nothing within my line of sight is moving except for an occasional bird? How is it that the roads are so empty and motionless? I can stand in the middle of a four way intersection, turn in all directions, and yep, I’m still the only one there. Imagine that! Ah, the joys of country living. It’s a luxury I’ll not soon take for granted.

A recent entry from the Daily Post challenged me to write about and describe a place I’d like to be, or someplace I’d like to go if I could just transport myself there. I think about the places I’ve already been this year- Indonesia, Orlando, Indiana and Wisconsin. Each has it’s own advantage and a memory to put a smile on my face. But it’s been wonderful to be back in the Midwest again. I love the cool weather, the breeze coming in from outside, and the sound of birds. I love the corn that stretches for miles, the farm houses, and the empty baseball fields.  There’s just something so enchanting about it all. I’ve been all over the world but there’s something unique about this place. It’s worth grabbing a hold of. Don’t let a good thing slip by! So for now it’s pretty easy to talk about where I want to be. It’s here, right in front of me.

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