If You Can’t Stand the Heat. . .

Let’s see, what did I do yesterday? Yesterday was Thursday. . . We had some neighbors stop by our house in the morning. I served coffee. In the afternoon I went to the police office to give them my new visa documents. We stopped by our friends house to congratulate them on their new baby. And lastly we did a little house work.

I’m always amazed at how Indonesia has a way of completely wearing you out and having very little to show for it. I think in the States I would be able to do so many things, accomplish so many tasks. Go places, visit people, and not be completely worn out by it. But here it’s just uncanny how doing almost ANYTHING is extremely exhausting. I wear out so quickly doing the most trivial tasks.

I really think the heat has a lot to do with this. In fact I’ll go so far as to say that 80% of the issue is the weather. (The other 20% might be language/culture fatigue) But it’s just so hot here and it really plays with your energy levels. Yesterday was a really hot day. Even indoors it was toasty. We were at our friend’s house and they usually have fans running. But the power was out so we had to sit in the heat and humidity. Sweating burns calories, right? I think I was burning a lot of calories just sitting on their couch.

I know it gets hot in the States too. I remember Texas was an inferno at times, over a hundred degrees. But at least there you have AC to run to. Buildings, cars, malls, etc. . . they’re all equipped. But here AC is a luxury that’s hard to find. That’s the reason we frequent coffee shops and the mall in town. Trust me- it’s not for the coffee! It’s to escape the heat.

Ahh, the joys of living on the equator. Beautiful paradise. Lot’s of tasty tropical fruit. Lush forests and beautiful oceans. . . But if you can’t stand the heat. . . go back to Wisconsin, ha!!

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