Extending our House Contract.

“Terserah” or “It’s up to you” is what our landlord said today when we asked him about next years rent. In other words, he is saying we can set the price. It’s up to us! How many landlords do you know would say something like that?

This has been a really great house for Kim and me the last two years. I was walking around it the other day having a quiet celebration in my heart as I looked at all the little renovations and improvements we’ve made. Everything in here, from the cabinets and furniture to shelves and floor we’ve had a hand in improving. It’s not much to look at still, but we’ve made it our own and that means something.

I am just so thankful to God for how He’s provided us this place. We’re surrounded by great people, right in the heart of Anugerah territory. It’s still in the city, but outside it enough to run into a lot of traditional values and village-like mentality. I’d say it’s still pretty village-like around here.

And the people have really accepted us into their community. We never really know what people think of us (because we’re outsiders) but every now and then we get a glimpse into their mind’s eye. Just last week for example they built a little wooden guard post in our front yard. This is used for the night watch and I was asked to participate. So from now on once a week I will join three or four other guys as we take our post and stay up all night watching the community. At first I was like “oh. . . great. . . do I really have to do this?” but I’ve asked people and they say it’s a big honor. It’s a sign that we’re accepted and a big part of our community. All too often we’re guessing at what people really think of us. But things like this are a good sign.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in our house in BK for two years. I can’t think back clearly enough to recall everything that’s happened. We DID go back to the States for five months, that I do remember. But as for our life here in Indonesia, it’s been really really full. We’ve gone through many challenges and have grown as a result. Facing difficulties and the unknown has made us stronger. I’d like to think we’re more confident and together than we were two years ago. Living in Asia has a way of making you feel completely overwhelmed and like a child most days. But we’ve made progress and good things are starting to happen.

So I look back over the last two years and just feel extremely grateful for all God has done for us. He truly is the Provider. We’ve never lacked anything but have seen the power of prayer first hand in our lives. And this is one of the testimonies we have for these people. That they too can call on a God who hears them and cares about them. It’s enough to make us stay. . . and renew our contract for another two years.

“Thank you Lord for this house. Bless it and the people who come here. May it continue to be a light to those who live around us. Amen!”

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