Eli at Five Months

It’s been so fun to watch Eli grow and develop the last couple months. He is now over five months old. He’s been smiling so much more, cooing, and even giggling now. I never knew how much fun it could be to just watch a baby. I’ve always liked little kids. But having your own is exponentially more fun and entertaining. I’m just loving being a dad. Eli can reach out and grab things, talk and make noises back to you, follow you around the room with his head, and roll onto his belly for a better look. He’s even starting to get ticklish. Kim and I are trying to discover his tickle spots. =) Its been a real precious time with my parents too. We’re all feeling a little heavy with the thought of him leaving this place of comfort and love, but I’m optimistic this is a good start for his life too- being overseas that is. What opportunities we have.

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