Confusing Moments, War with Duck


A couple of unique things happened this week. Sometimes I don’t know what’s weird anymore. All my wires are criss-crossed, my point of reference has definitely shifted eastward!

This week a boy who I didn’t recognize was knocking on our front door. So I open the door and he has a package of rice porridge in his hands. I ask him what it is, and he says ‘rice porridge’ or “bubur” in Indonesian. He’s obviously here to give it to me. What’s not obvious is why he wants to give me rice porridge. I’m thinking it’s because the day before we went around to a few of our neighbors to hand out Christmas cookies. It’s a very Indonesians thing to return the favor. So I didn’t ask any questions. But I watched him leave and he didn’t return to one of the houses we had given cookies to. OKAY! So I took the porridge inside and, several days later, it’s still in our refrigerator. We still don’t know who it’s from!

Today, we had an intruder in our house. I have an ongoing war with a certain duck that hangs out in our yard. I hate this duck because for the longest time he leaves piles of mess on our front terrace where I park my motorbike. I’ve tried chasing the duck away, throwing rocks and sticks at it, and even tried several times to hit it with my motorbike. But he always keeps coming back.

Today, it got personal. The duck walked through our front door and into our bedroom!! I freak out, grab the broom and start to chase it out. But before I got him out the door he left a little present for us on our bedroom floor. You’d think that would be enough. But no, after I cleaned it up he came in again, and left another little pile! He’s escalated the war to something else. I have to come up with some new ways to rid our house of the duck. . .

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