Taking a Missions Course

Kim and I signed up for the Perspectives course for next January. The Perspectives course is a missions 101 type class. We’ve heard great things about it from various people over the years, and always thought “hmm, maybe one day. . .” Well, you know us- we never wait for anything- so we signed up. […]

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Faith and Assurance

I’ve been doing a personal Bible study on salvation. I’ve been studying scripture for the better part of a year in an attempt to understand the ideas of lordship salvation vs. free grace or ‘easy believism’. If you’re not familiar with these terms, it’s okay, neither was I. Terms aren’t important, but they represent two […]

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What is Normal? From Sumatra Villages to Corporate America.

When I look back over my life over the last two years I am just amazed at God’s provision. I’m amazed at how quickly Kim and I can jump from one thing to another. How one day we’re living full on in another culture, immersed in the heat and language barriers, bugs, weddings, and customs entirely […]

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Gloriously Ruined

Gloriously ruined is being different. Gloriously ruined is seeing things differently. Gloriously ruined is about being changed for the better. Kim and I are gloriously ruined, and I’m okay with that. Ever since we came home from the mission field we realize more and more that we’re different, and can’t ever go back to being […]

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Thoughts about faith, salvation, and works.

Here are a few notes/thoughts I’ve compiled the last few weeks that have helped me understand the relationship between faith and works. —- Faith IS obedience. For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not of yourselves, it is a gift from god. Not by works so that no one can […]

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Longevity Chart, Adam to Joseph

This is a really interesting chart if you’ve never seen this before. If you look at the ages in the Bible from Genesis 5 and 11 you can construct a genealogy chart from Adam all the way to Joseph. The Bible tells us how long each person lived and at what age they had children. […]

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