Above the Waters

Been a busy day. Did some painting, helped at our language school, going to a meeting later to talk about our friend’s homestay. . . Everything we planned to do today sorta got lost in the shuffle. Not a very predictable day. But we’re trying to have a good helpful attitude about it. This really is a common thing here. “Sudah biasa” (already normal) as we say so often.

Two things we were able to control today. Painting, and reading our bible/praying together. Basically the two things that depended on us. Everything else depended on other people. But we realized again today that having a time in the morning to read and pray together is so important. We really feel it when we don’t. We’re moody, grouchy, and just not in good spirits. It’s really noticeable. So even though life can be pretty unpredictable, pretty wild we have a resource to help. But it’s more than a resource- it’s a life line- a buoy to keep our heads above the turbulent waters. Wow, thank you God for your word, which gives us life and energy in the here and now, and the promise of eternal life in the hereafter.

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