Asian Health Care. Free, Fast and Hot!

I’m so amazed with Asian health care. Guess how much it cost us to see an ear specialist today? Three hundred dollars? Thirty? No, even lower. Our total bill was $3. Yep, that’s correct. We walked into a hospital, saw a doctor, got our medicine and was out the door for a total of three dollars. And I know we won’t be getting any further bills because they didn’t ask for my ID or get a complete address. Ha! Amazing. What’s even more amazing about this is that we didn’t even make an appointment. No phone calls required, no long forms to fill out, no waivers. We just walked in off the street, filled out some basic information (and by basic I mean name, birth date, parents, etc) and got in in less than an hour.

This has been our experience in several medical facilities we’ve been to here in Asia. Some are cheaper than others. Some are nicer than others. This hospital isn’t going to win any awards for amenities but it was by far the cheapest I’ve seen. Three dollars! Seriously.

The only downside to health care here is that a lot of times you don’t quite know what you’re gonna get. It’s a gamble whether you’ll get what you need or not. Some hospitals are really quite nice. We visited some in Singapore that were top of the line. Others not so much. It all just depends where you go. It’s important to go with the recommendation of a friend. We never go somewhere unless at least one other person we know has been there. That way they can scout it out ahead of time and report back. Us foreigners gotta stick together you know.

The other hard thing is that most doctors we meet don’t speak English very well. It can be difficult to understand what they’re saying. We visited a doctor a couple years ago who really struggled to communicate with us. And our Indonesian medical vocabulary was basically non-existent. I remember that being a pretty tough visit. If you have to rely on English only, hospital visits can be stressful.

So visiting a medical facility in Asia can be an interested experience. But I can’t think of a faster, cheaper way to do. Way to go guys!

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