Agency changes, waiting, trusting

July 6

I’ve been told the adoption process isn’t easy.  We’re just starting to dive in, and I’m already finding this true.  The last couple weeks have been a little bit wild, as we found out that our adoption agency’s branch in Madison is closing down. Although we should still be able to adopt through their Illinois headquarters, this news still has stirred up much grief, confusion, and waiting on our part (and on others as well).  Our agency has been great at keeping in touch and trying to set us up with the proper resources, but we are still waiting.  Right now we’re basically waiting on approval from South Korea, waiting on word from our agency, and waiting to get set up with a new case worker for our home-study.  On the good side, we do have a peace about things. However, I have to admit that some days my patience is better than others.  Please continue to keep these things in your prayers. I know it’s worth it, but know it will be quite the journey. Thanks!



Below I’ve included a few other brief updates, just from what we’ve posted on our FB group.  (More so for record or if you want more info)

June 20:

Hi friends,

We just received note that our adoption agency’s branch here in Madison is closing down. Although this should NOT effect the grand scheme of things, it still makes us sad. (Our main agency is in Chicago, so we will still be going through the same South Korea program, but we’ll be working w/ Illinois rather than Wisconsin)

What this does mean is that the main person that we have been working with (and absolutely LOVE) will most likely not be finishing up our home study and such. We are working with her to figure out next steps- whether we could move forward faster and have her finish our paperwork or have another agent complete it.

All that said, please pray for our social worker along with all those affected by this decision. She has helped many many families over the years. Please ask that God would help this transition go smoothly, and help us to know what the next steps are. We would love to still be able to work with her to finish our home study, but are leaving that in God’s hands.


June 22:

I don’t usually share my sketchbook with people, but today I was reminded that even when we feel like there’s so much uncertainty and at times it may seem like the waves are crashing down- it’s reassuring to know that the Sun will continue to shine. He is greater than even the greatest waves. That brings true peace in the midst of chaos. (Mk 4:34-41)

Coming back to this adoption journey…No, the waves aren’t crashing down, but I’ve gotta say that even with the uncertainties, there’s a peace that God is in control.


June 30:

Talked with our agency today. Still waiting to hear back from South Korea on a few things. You can pray for patience, approvals, and a smooth transition to a new caseworker. Thanks!

I should add that she offered to send us a picture of a waiting boy (he’s about to turn 1 in July!) Josh and I decided to wait until everything is a for sure go with all the agency transitions & funds first…


July 1 (LifeLink’s FB page): 

Lifelink International Adoption will continue to operate and provide services throughout Illinois, but effective July 1st our Iowa and Wisconsin offices will be closing. Lifelink International Adoption’s current Iowa and Wisconsin clients have been provided with the appropriate resources for moving forward. We will not be accepting new clients from these states.

This decision was difficult for Lifelink International Adoption and its parent corporation Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois (LCFS), but became necessary based on the current international-adoption landscape.


(We also have received thoughtful emails/correspondance from LifeLink and our agent, but because of privacy, I’ll not post those)

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