We got this email from our adoption agency yesterday:

We received an email from Eastern notifying us that we can work with your family. Lifelink will be your placing agency and LSS your home study and post placement agency. Please proceed with your home study. I will be sending LSS an agency agreement to sign. Did you have any interest in any of our waiting children? The youngest one is very cute and healthy. I know that you have been working very hard on raising the fees for this program. Where are you with this?

I will be your Lifelink contact.

Looking forward to working with you.


Praising God for this most welcome feedback. We have been in limbo for the past month and a half awaiting a response from Eastern, the partner agency in South Korea, about whether we can move forward with them or not. The change is due to the branch closing down in Madison and the need to find somebody else to do our home study. And this change needed to be approved by the agency overseas. So this message has confirmed that they will work with us and we can move forward with our home study. Just one more step closer.

But this message unexpectedly stirred another emotion within me. The sentence “Did you have any interest in any of our waiting children?” caught me by surprise. I read this line and it caused tears to well up behind my eyes. Do we have any interest in your waiting children? How could you even ask such a question. Yes! Yes! Of course! Oh God please! Do I have an interest in your waiting children?? If they are waiting, then I do!

My heart breaks that there are waiting children. Children without a mommy. Children without  daddy. Children in need of a family. Something about that line sent a dagger right through my heart. It brought home the reality of what we’re trying to do. Adoption is not about a process anymore. It’s not about newsletters, paperwork, or money. It’s about waiting children. And there are some out there, right now, that need a loving home. My heart breaks to hear this. To know it.

“Do you have an interest in any of our waiting children?”

With tears in my eyes. Yes. . .

When I look back over my life over the last two years I am just amazed at God’s provision. I’m amazed at how quickly Kim and I can jump from one thing to another. How one day we’re living full on in another culture, immersed in the heat and language barriers, bugs, weddings, and customs entirely different from what is ‘normal’. And then I open my eyes again, and this time God has me working in an office, in Madison, Wisconsin, surrounded by caucasian white collar tech workers. I sit in my cubicle, coffee in hand, and chat with coworkers over video conferencing. I live a double life, and nobody here seems to notice.

The experiences I have taken from my other life are like a secret now. Not to me, necessarily, but hidden and unknown to all the people around me. I must look perfectly normal to my coworkers when I go into the office. Oh how I blend in. But I confess that I don’t recognize myself in this setting. I think about the person I was just a couple years ago, and I look at the person who I am now, and it seems quite illogical to me. These two pictures don’t resolve in my head in a way that makes sense. I can’t draw a straight line between these two points and say, “Ah, that’s how that happened.” The course of my life has taken many unexpected twists and turns. Something dramatic and noteworthy has happened here.

The only explanation I have for this is this. Many years ago I gave my life over into the hands of a God who is trustworthy; into the strong hands of a God who works miracles. I told God that my life wasn’t my own anymore but His, and He could do with me what He wanted. So maybe I shouldn’t be surprised when my life is illogical, and it doesn’t follow a normal straight line, predictable, kind of path. It’s evidence of a life surrendered to a God how does crazy illogical things. God doesn’t follow a predictable pattern. He has a unique plan for all of us. May we all have the strength and courage to follow Him in and out of what is “normal”.

Hi friends!

We thought it was about time for another puzzle progress report! We are about six weeks in, and although things seem to be slowing down a little bit, we are still amazed at the generosity and encouragement we’ve received from so so many people.  I can’t believe how many of you have given towards Jireh’s puzzle so far.  Thank you!

We are now at 71% of the puzzle!! (That’s 356 pieces sold!)  WOW!

Puzzle Progress:  Note to self- next time I design a puzzle, I think we’ll use more color. This is quite blue, and Josh and I both admit it is a beast to put together. Haha.  That’s okay though, we’re having fun with it.  Something I’m enjoying with this puzzle is putting together all the words that describe our little guy.  (Like I said, we’ll include a better shot when we’re all done, but you get the picture).

Here are the words so far:

“Cherished”     “Loved”     “Prayed for”      “embraced”     “friend”      “treasured”     “together”    “wanted”     “desired”    “special” “entrusted”     “adopted”     “sister”     “America”     “Korea”     “son”     “sought”     “heir”     “cared for”      “provided”      “family”

From our last post:

“The Lord Provides.”     “seen”     “chosen”     “In our hearts”    “worth the wait”    “grafted in”     “prayed for”     “brother”     “forever”

“From our hearts to our home, many helped our family grow. Each piece special in its own way, bringing the final piece here to stay.”

There’s also a dotted line from S. Korea to America.  Can hardly wait to bring our little peanut home, and let him know the truth of these words.  Thanks for all your love and support!


Know anyone who would like to help us with the last 29%?? Share or find out more here: Puzzle Fundraiser Post

Sneak Peak: August 6-13 Online Art Auction

July 6

I’ve been told the adoption process isn’t easy.  We’re just starting to dive in, and I’m already finding this true.  The last couple weeks have been a little bit wild, as we found out that our adoption agency’s branch in Madison is closing down. Although we should still be able to adopt through their Illinois headquarters, this news still has stirred up much grief, confusion, and waiting on our part (and on others as well).  Our agency has been great at keeping in touch and trying to set us up with the proper resources, but we are still waiting.  Right now we’re basically waiting on approval from South Korea, waiting on word from our agency, and waiting to get set up with a new case worker for our home-study.  On the good side, we do have a peace about things. However, I have to admit that some days my patience is better than others.  Please continue to keep these things in your prayers. I know it’s worth it, but know it will be quite the journey. Thanks!



Below I’ve included a few other brief updates, just from what we’ve posted on our FB group.  (More so for record or if you want more info)

June 20:

Hi friends,

We just received note that our adoption agency’s branch here in Madison is closing down. Although this should NOT effect the grand scheme of things, it still makes us sad. (Our main agency is in Chicago, so we will still be going through the same South Korea program, but we’ll be working w/ Illinois rather than Wisconsin)

What this does mean is that the main person that we have been working with (and absolutely LOVE) will most likely not be finishing up our home study and such. We are working with her to figure out next steps- whether we could move forward faster and have her finish our paperwork or have another agent complete it.

All that said, please pray for our social worker along with all those affected by this decision. She has helped many many families over the years. Please ask that God would help this transition go smoothly, and help us to know what the next steps are. We would love to still be able to work with her to finish our home study, but are leaving that in God’s hands.


June 22:

I don’t usually share my sketchbook with people, but today I was reminded that even when we feel like there’s so much uncertainty and at times it may seem like the waves are crashing down- it’s reassuring to know that the Sun will continue to shine. He is greater than even the greatest waves. That brings true peace in the midst of chaos. (Mk 4:34-41)

Coming back to this adoption journey…No, the waves aren’t crashing down, but I’ve gotta say that even with the uncertainties, there’s a peace that God is in control.


June 30:

Talked with our agency today. Still waiting to hear back from South Korea on a few things. You can pray for patience, approvals, and a smooth transition to a new caseworker. Thanks!

I should add that she offered to send us a picture of a waiting boy (he’s about to turn 1 in July!) Josh and I decided to wait until everything is a for sure go with all the agency transitions & funds first…


July 1 (LifeLink’s FB page): 

Lifelink International Adoption will continue to operate and provide services throughout Illinois, but effective July 1st our Iowa and Wisconsin offices will be closing. Lifelink International Adoption’s current Iowa and Wisconsin clients have been provided with the appropriate resources for moving forward. We will not be accepting new clients from these states.

This decision was difficult for Lifelink International Adoption and its parent corporation Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois (LCFS), but became necessary based on the current international-adoption landscape.


(We also have received thoughtful emails/correspondance from LifeLink and our agent, but because of privacy, I’ll not post those)