Dear Jireh,

I wanted to write you a little note and tell you about some amazing things we’ve experienced lately.

We’ve been praying about your adoption for a long time. And just recently God has provided an answer to some of our prayers, which gets us really excited about moving forward. God gave us a new job. I know that probably doesn’t mean much to you, but we’re just praising God right now for His faithfulness and kindness to us. We have felt in our hearts that we were supposed to adopt you. We love other cultures, so bringing you into ours and mixing our lives together is a God-given joy. But now that we have this job it’s really affirmation that we can go ahead with our plans.

You see, adoption is really expensive and was much more money than we had. But we had faith that somehow God was going to provide the money. We had fundraisers planned. We were going to make and sell things. We were going to sell coffee, and ask for donations – because we believed we were supposed to move forward. I guess that’s what faith is all about- stepping into the unknown, trusting. That’s why we gave you your name. Jireh means, “God provides”.

And we’re seeing Him provide in pretty miraculous ways. I wasn’t looking for this job. But God brought it to us and I’ll take it. It’s a real answer to prayer. Now we’re just one little step closer to bringing you home. We can’t wait.


It’s official… We are now what is termed “paper pregnant” !

We sent in our application and met with our adoption agency last week to start the paperwork. For those who don’t know, we have chosen Lifelink Int’l as our agency and are hoping to adopt a little one from South Korea.

It was encouraging, yet heartbreaking, to hear that there are soooo many waiting children in South Korea. We were told that after we have our paperwork and homestudy completed (3-6 mths), we may have a referral as early as a few weeks.  Even though the referral comes quickly, it will probably still be about a year and a half to two years before we can actually go meet our child.  We hear it’s hard to have a picture of your child, to be able to see, pray, and even sometimes maybe skype/send letters to him or her but not actually have them in your arms for a year or two.  It will be so hard, but so worth the wait.

There’s our brief update for now.  So, now to kick things off… here’s another adoption term you may not be familiar with. We are now starting the “paper chase”… aka loads of paperwork and saving up. Here we go!