2014 Year in Review

Let’s look at some stats for my blog for the year 2014. I did this last year so it might be fun to compare between this year and last year. Here we go:

Total visits to my blog: 844 (about 391 people). Half of these people (55%) were returning visitors and the other half (45%) were new. The returning visitors spent on average 5 minutes longer on my website than the new people (6 minutes compared to 1). That’s not surprising really. It makes sense that repeat visitors would want to read more pages and posts and spend more time here.

So what about content? The most popular posts (by unique pageviews) for 2014 were:

  1. Starting Our Own Business (159)
  2. The Biggest Transition Yet (45)
  3. Pressing On (37)
  4. The Results Are Coming In (32)

I guess the post about our new business created a lot of buzz. I have to give Facebook a lot of credit for this. When I post things to Facebook it creates a lot of traffic to my site. I think that’s the case here. Things can go viral quickly via FB.

Here are my most popular pages by unique pageviews:

  1. My homepage of course, jcjunkie.com. (294)
  2. Family photo gallery (70)
  3. Audio downloads (25)
  4. Quotes (22)

I added 24 new posts this year bringing the total to 141 posts.

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