2013 Website Stats

2013 was a great year for blogging! I gathered together some data from Google Analytics and thought it might be fun to post some of it here for review. WordPress.com also sent me this colorful End of Year Report. Cool!

In 2013 I added 53 new posts making it by far my most active year of blogging. My blog now has a total of 117 posts, 49 comments, and 8 pages. According to Google Analytics my blog was visited 842 different times by about 282 different people (this is just for 2013). My most popular posts during 2013 were Walt Disney and Steve Jobs- a comparative look which got 47 views, A Million Scary Things in my Bathroom which got 45 views, and I have perceived balmy with aura on you!- Indonesian t-shirts which got 32 views. My most popular page continues to be the Audio Downloads section- 628 podcasts downloaded and 1,289 Bible stories. Wow!

My photography site was visited 304 different times by 123 people. My most popular photos this year were Chow Time (36 views), Man in the Mirror (33 views), and Getting Him to Laugh (30 views). Not surprised that Eli is the subject of all three. He’s such cutie! The two most popular albums were Baby and 2013.

Here’s to 2014!

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