I absolutely love it when people share Bible verses and/or stories and lessons with me. It is such an encouragement to my heart. Sometimes I feel people put me and Kim on too high of a pedestal. We’ve trusted God for big things and He has taken us very far in our faith. People see this and are encouraged. But oftentimes our friends and family forget that they too can be a HUGE encouragement to us- if only they would just try. We don’t have the corner market on godly wisdom. We don’t have the lion’s share of faith. No. No. Our faith has been pretty poor lately to be honest- doubting God in the midst of our year long trial. But if you’re reading this PLEASE don’t hesitate to confront, advise, teach us or all of the above. We most definitely need to hear it.

One of our partners sent this little reminder to us today:

“Sometimes God will lead you in a way that makes no sense at all. Sometimes you will be able to see why it was good later on. Sometimes you will never know. But God can be trusted, even when you don’t understand. He is 100% loving, all-knowing, and trustworthy. Rest in that, no matter what the circumstances look like. This lesson has stayed with me in a very powerful way all my years. It goes with one of very favorite verses: Be still and know that I am God. It is enough.”

Amen! Thank you for the reminder.