back in America
and how do I know?
a hundred million little things
it’s look, sound, smell
I awaken in the morning
and all I hear is quiet
shelter, warmth and family
a blanket for my soul
the biggest noise is silence
quiet fills the room
I’m looking for the roosters
the cars and neighbors, vendors
where are all the markets?
the honking of the horns
the little kids in uniforms
the call to prayer no more
look at all the people!
my white skin blends me in
I understand the language
i can talk to people again
i love the fact that i am home
it’s so nourishing to my heart
an opportunity God has given me
to tell everyone I know!

We’re back in the States- first time since a year and nine months. Just have to say that it’s been very intriguing and interesting being back. I notice a lot of things here that I wouldn’t normally notice. For example, the things people care about, values, worries, concerns, conversation topics are all so different for me. I’m realizing many of these have been so far from my thoughts for so long. I forget.

It’s a mix of emotions for me. On the one hand, it’s really refreshing to step out of ‘the village’ life and back into modern America. In a word, it’s COMFORTABLE. Comfortable furniture, air conditioning, television I can watch and understand without straining. . . good food, new (old) clothes. Comfortable, and very warming to my heart.

But it’s been a struggle for me to explain our side of the story. People often have a hard time grasping the things we tell them about our life, about the people of Indonesia, about our village, events we attend, etc. They have a hard time understanding, which is totally understandable. Thus far we’ve been sharing as little as possible, just enjoying the simple fact that we’re back. We want to re-acclimate to America before we unpack and dive into the details of our life over there. We feel pretty overwhelmed ourselves and don’t want to overwhelm people with things they’ve never thought about before. But I suppose given the opportunity we could talk for hours about everything we’ve learned and experienced there. God knows I want to write a book (or books) about it someday. Our hearts desire is to SHARE what God is doing in different parts of the world and the things He’s let us see. It really opens my eyes to who God is when I see such diversity. We’ll get our chance soon I suppose. For now, we’re just happy to be back, enjoying the familiarity of ‘home’ . Once we gather our thoughts we’ll have ample opportunity to speak about our adventures.