Worship Music

I kind of don’t like the label “Christian music”. To me “Christian music” seems kind of limiting, as if there are only certain kinds of music that Christians should listen to. How unfortunate. I think a better label should be “worship” music.

Worship music, to me, is the kind that makes me worship God and admire Him more. Non-worship music on the other hand makes me think about people and forget God. I think there’s a whole spectrum of music out there that is worshipful but not labelled as Christian. In other words, it’s not played on Christian radio. But that doesn’t make it bad. Far from it! It might not be explicitly about Jesus, but I enjoy it nonetheless. It’s kind of like the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon isn’t explicitly about Jesus but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it, and giving thanks to God for it. That’s how music is to me.

Music is, after all, a gift from God. It was His idea. I give thanks to God when I hear a great song. I don’t think we as Christians have to be so narrow in what we choose to listen to. If it causes us to dance, if it causes us to sing. . . than we should! Let’s just enjoy His gifts and not be so divided about it.

Here’s a final thought, something I wrote in my journal several years ago: When Andrea Bocelli sings God smiles. His music paralyses me, leaves me breathless for air, and gives me my life back as a love story.

What a gift.

Thank you Lord for music. Another reason to worship you.

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