Puzzle Fundraiser!

Here it is… This week we are excited to launch our puzzle fundraiser to help raise funds for our adoption from South Korea!

In case you haven’t heard, we are in the process of adopting from South Korea! We could really use your prayers and support as we start this new journey.  Here’s one way you can be involved.

Adoption can be expensive (~$42,000) and it’s humbling to ask people for help. But over the years we’ve seen what a blessing it is to do things in community, in partnership with others. So, if you’ve been a piece of our puzzle,  thank you! Now we’re asking that you be a part of our child’s puzzle as well.

We are so excited about this fundraiser, because we are creating a picture together. Me and you!  We’ve designed a 500 piece puzzle with the hope that it will not only help raise a significant portion of our funds, but will also be a keepsake that our child can look back on throughout his life and see all the people that played a role in his story.

Here’s how it works:

We have designed a really sweet looking 500 piece puzzle.

You can “purchase” a piece of the puzzle by donating $20. You can choose to buy one or many. There is no limit!

To purchase, simply visit: www.purecharity.com/bringingjirehhome  and click “Donate to this Fundraiser”

After we get your donation we will write your name on the back of your puzzle piece(s).

When every piece is sold, we will put the puzzle together in double-sided glass and hang it in our child’s room. This way he can always look back and see who had a “piece” in bringing him home.

Questions? Just ask! Ready, set… Get your piece!


We‘ll regularly be updating our blog, jcjunkie.com/adoption, with pics & progress!

Here’s the puzzle… just waiting to be put together, with your lovely name on it. 🙂

We also made these fun cards for mailing! (Can you tell I love being a designer?)





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