Making a Blog Book. A Trip Down Memory Lane.


So I have a new  little project I’m working on. .  . I decided to try to turn this blog into a BOOK. Yeah, kind of a neat idea. I’ve heard of people doing this, and that it was possible, so I decided to check out my options and see how easy or difficult it […]

Spotify. Love music more.


I’ve been trying out and enjoying this new service called Spotify lately. “What?” you say. “New service. . . Spotify? Hasn’t that been around for. . . ?” Yeah, it has been around for a while. But I haven’t been. Travel outside the US and you’ll find that many internet services and websites are blocked. […]

It’s a faceblog world.


I’ve noticed that the internet has changed a lot over the years. When I first started this website ten years ago it was kind of a novelty. The idea of a personal blog hadn’t really caught on yet and back then blogs weren’t so easy to create. There were no such things as WordPress or […]

Inside the Picture

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Still. That’s the one word I’d use to describe living in America so far. Still, no movement, and quiet. Like living in a picture hung on the wall. There’s detail and depth. Color and shadows. All around me I see manicured lawns, perfect sidewalks, brightly colored houses. Fences and sidewalks. Blue skies. Perfect. A beautiful […]

Office Space

It feels really great to be back in an office setting again. I have a desk, a little cubicle, a phone, plenty of quiet space to work from, and I’m just lovin’ it. I forgot how productive I can be if given a few hours of uninterrupted time. Simply amazing. I’ve been needing this for […]

Reverse Culture Shock.

I’ve found that sometimes it’s helpful to think of America as a ‘foreign country’ when dealing with reverse culture shock. It’s helpful to think of it this way when I notice things, or feel stressed out or confused, because you tend to give a little more grace and forgiveness if it’s ‘foreign’. When we first […]



It’s amazing how restorative quietness can be. We’re experiencing new levels of this in our new apartment here in Orlando. I forgot how healing to the mind and spirit peace and quiet can be. My thoughts are more free flowing, and contemplative. There are fewer distractions to disrupt a train of thought. And now that […]

A Smile is the Universal Language


Here we are at the Jakarta international terminal waiting for our first long flight to Tokyo. It’s always a fun and interesting little cultural study to hang out at an international airport. You always see such a wide diversity of people, languages, and clothing styles And it’s so fun to see the way people react […]

Asian Health Care. Free, Fast and Hot!

I’m so amazed with Asian health care. Guess how much it cost us to see an ear specialist today? Three hundred dollars? Thirty? No, even lower. Our total bill was $3. Yep, that’s correct. We walked into a hospital, saw a doctor, got our medicine and was out the door for a total of three […]

Double Standards

I’ve been thinking a little bit about what I’m calling “double standards”. Now that I’m a parent I’m starting to think about these things. Specifically the question that goes through my mind is “Why are some things okay or permissible for adults to do but not okay for children?” That’s what I mean by double […]

In Evolution Debate, the Heart Matters Most.

Creation / Evolution debates excite and frustrate me. They both entertain and annoy. They excite me because I enjoy the topic. I remember the first time I was exposed to the young earth / creation viewpoint. I had grown up in the church but had never heard a clear presentation of a 6,000 year old […]

Focus and Change

Kim is part of an online Bible study group, and one of the questions asked in her group was to summarize 2013 in one word and then come up with one word to describe your hopes or expectations for the coming year. What a cool idea! So I thought about it and decided that ‘focus’ […]

Pictures from Bali


Kim and I had an awesome time in Bali. And really, this was one on the longest times we’ve been able to spend there- three weeks. It was an extended trip because we wanted to be there for Christmas, and then HAD to be there for an organizational retreat. So it made more financial sense […]

Photography for Sale!

I recently joined the stock photography site I wanted a way to upload and sell some of my photos and this site seemed to be the largest and most reputable stock photography site on the internet. The process to join is pretty straight forward. You choose a category of submission, in my case ‘photos’. […]

2013 Website Stats

2013 was a great year for blogging! I gathered together some data from Google Analytics and thought it might be fun to post some of it here for review. also sent me this colorful End of Year Report. Cool! In 2013 I added 53 new posts making it by far my most active year […]

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Down through history, education has had two great goals: to help people become smart and to help people become good.

— Thomas Lickona, developmental psychologist