Savoring Jesus

If Anyone Loves Me He will Keep My Word (video excerpt)   In a recent sermon, John Piper enunciates so beautifully what it means, or what it’s like to love Jesus- not a duty or obligation, but something that we value and treasure above all other things. Loving Jesus is savoring His words and life. […]

Funny Music Video

So I watched this video the other day from our good old friends The Crash Test Dummies. No, not the guys who get hit by cars, but the band. Anyway this video made me laugh so hard. It’s a pretty silly video. So there you go. If you’re in a silly mood watch this video. […]

Baby Steps Back to America

We’re counting down the days now till we get back to the States. Just barely over a month to go. Honestly, it’s hard to keep focused on life and job here in Indonesia when such new and exciting things are in store for us in the very near future. We always think about America as […]

Not My Will But Thy Will


I love that famous quote by C.S. Lewis: There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, ‘All right, then, have it your way.’ C.S. Lewis says that there are two kinds of people- people who believe and submit to God for what’s […]

Quiet Times and Coffee. Can’t Beat It.

Probably one of my most favorite things to do, especially in the morning, is to brew a small cup of coffee, sit down with my Bible, and read and enjoy God’s word. I can’t think of a better way to start the day really. A healthy dose of Truth and something yummy to sip on. […]

Be a Technology Rebel- Don’t Buy It!

I’m typing this post on an iPad. This is the first time I’ve done a blog post from an iPad and honestly I’m a little skeptical. It has little to do with the product itself, the iPad is a pretty neat device. My ambivalence is more for philosophical reasons. Maybe it’s because I don’t embrace […]

Empty Space, Creative Places


Turning Off Your Smartphone: More Stress Or Less? I had to read this article twice. Pretty much nailed it for me. Couldn’t have said it better myself so I’ll just quote the article: When it comes to creating stress, smartphones are near the top of the list. Although these ubiquitous devices put the world at […]

Language Blooper #3545…

Today we spent a couple hours over at our friend’s house babysitting for her four kids. We kicked the soccer ball around, played a card game, and I left to go back home. Kim is still over there doing a girls movie night. So I’m home, and since I’ll be by myself for a little […]

If You Can’t Stand the Heat. . .

Let’s see, what did I do yesterday? Yesterday was Thursday. . . We had some neighbors stop by our house in the morning. I served coffee. In the afternoon I went to the police office to give them my new visa documents. We stopped by our friends house to congratulate them on their new baby. […]

Extending our House Contract.

“Terserah” or “It’s up to you” is what our landlord said today when we asked him about next years rent. In other words, he is saying we can set the price. It’s up to us! How many landlords do you know would say something like that? This has been a really great house for Kim […]

The Crazy, Multi-national, Miraculous Visa.


I made a comment to Kim just now that this is the forth night in a row where we’re sleeping at a different place. For the last four days we’ve been nomads. Starting from Singapore we’re slowly making our way back to little ole’ BK where hopefully our house and cat await us. It’s been […]

Still out of town

Still no word on the visa thing. Our visa sponsor said “besok” which literally means tomorrow but in common use can mean anytime in the future. So we have no real estimate of when it’ll come in. Looks like we’re in Singapore over the weekend. It’s been really nice to be with Scott, Randi and […]

Access Denied!!


Well, we find ourselves in a rather unique situation. For the first time ever we are not allowed back into Indonesia. Hopefully this is only a temporary setback! Our old permission (ie. visa) has expired and we’re waiting for the new visa to come through. In Indonesia we have a home, friends, a cat, a […]

From Greeting Line to Airline

Today I had one of the most abrupt transitions ever. For the last couple of days Kim and I have been helping out at a wedding across the street from our house. When I say across the street I mean LITERALLY across the street. So close they used our front yard as a parking lot. […]

“They’re all staring at us. . . I wonder if I should say something.”


This is the thought that ran through my head as Kim and I were out on our walk this morning. The best time to walk is in the morning around 7am. Any later in the day and the sun comes out and heats everything up. Yes, even at 8am in the morning it’s too hot […]

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