Learning Guitar

I’ve been blessed this month with lots of guitar playing. I’ve had a lot of uninterrupted time to practice. Up until recently though I haven’t put this much effort in.

A couple years ago (our first year in Indonesia) I bought a guitar because I wanted some way to express myself musically. I’m a trumpet player but carrying a trumpet around with me everywhere traveling is kind of heavy. And not knowing where I was going to end up I thought a trumpet might not be appreciated by neighbors and people around us. It’s not a very subtle instrument if you know what I mean. So a guitar was more appropriate.

In my search for Christian music and songs I could play I came across this website called e-chords.com. They have a ton of songs but even more than that the songs can be transposed to fit the key (and, ah-hem, skill level). And there are quite a few instructional videos on how to play some pretty cool songs from people like U2, REM, Scorpions, and a bunch of other people. So anyway, learning guitar has been rewarding this month. It’s a musical outlet for me, another way to worship and lead worship for me and Kim, and a way to play some of my favorite songs.

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