I’m a conservative, white, religious service attending, college grad, male who voted Democrat this time

I took a look at some exit polls after last nights election and I discovered some very interesting things- about myself. I really broke outside the box for this election! This wasn’t intentional. I usually vote Republican, but that doesn’t mean I always vote that way. So voting for Obama this election really broke me out of the demographics. Take a look at these CNN polls:

This first poll shows that 52% of men voted for Romney.

Even more specific, 62% of white men voted for Romney. Looking at education, check this out.

This one was a little closer, but 51% of college grads voted for Romney.

Now this was a no-surpriser: 82% of people who consider themselves ‘conservative’ voted for Romney. I really stepped out of the mold for that one.

And looking at religious beliefs, this one says that 59% of people who go to a ‘religious service’ weekly, aka church, voted for Romney. That’s me, but I didn’t vote for Romney.

And the last one. . .

57% of Protestants voted for Romney.

The only categories that I fit for this election were age (55% of people ages 30-39 voted for Obama), and income (60% of people with an income less than 50k voted for Obama). So I’m a conservative, white, religious service attending, college grad, male who voted for Obama.

So why did I vote for Obama? Well, there were a few things- Obama is better for foreign relations (particularly relevant for me who lives overseas), his efforts to overhaul the healthcare system (which I see as a good thing), his progress in the war on terror (drone strikes, Bin Ladin, etc), and trying to end wars overseas. Those are all good things. I certainly don’t agree with his liberal views on so-called gay marriage and abortion. But for me it’s not about the issues as much as the character of the candidate. I just didn’t see Romney as a guy who can get things done. He said all the right things, but he didn’t seem believable to me. His eyes told me a different story. So no matter how much his talking points aligned with what I agree with, at the end of the day he didn’t seem genuine. He seemed like a politician who wanted to get elected.

I realize I’ve been out of the country for the better part of the last four years, and I don’t know what has gone on here in the States. I admit that I’m ignorant of many of the issues. I haven’t watched the news, Tv, or heard all the conversation. I haven’t read the magazines or kept up with all the opinions. But I consider myself blessed that I’ve remained unbiased in this whole thing.

However you voted this election please join me in praying for our nation and president. Ultimately I believe GOD is in charge and His will will be done regardless of who we elect. I hope we can all find comfort in that.

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  1. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I know you personally and I am so grateful that you could see the character of a person through the eyes. I am glad you didn’t vote inside the boxes that you would normally have and stepped out on faith and voted differently. I agree with you also that it is God’s will in the end


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