Gettin’ out of town

Getting very psyched about our upcoming trip to Singapore. We leave in just two days. Can’t wait. We’ll only be there a week but I think that’ll be enough. I know it’ll be a full and very memorable week. And I don’t think it could come any sooner really. We need a break. We need a little vacation. We’ve been in Indonesia a little over two years and really only once have we had a “vacation”, in other words something that is not retreat or workshop or meeting, etc. It seems we travel a lot but rarely is it for personal reasons.

So this week we celebrate our anniversary, June 23rd, and also get to visit my cousins Scott and Randi who live in Singapore. We’ll stay at their condo which we hear is really really nice. Sorta funny. . . we’ve adjusted to life in our village here pretty well. It was quite a shock when we first moved into our house. Definitely in need of a lot of tender lovin’ care. But we’ve made it into a home, whatever it is. Now whenever we go somewhere else (like a hotel, nice restaurant) it’s shocking. We definitely suffer from reverse culture shock now more than culture shock. Our five month furlough back to the States taught us that. We’re very much looking forward to our visit but also bracing ourselves for what we’ll find. But at this point I say BRING IT! culture shock or not. I am so looking forward to sinking my teeth into a big juicy burger. . . or a leafy green salad. . . or a huge cheese pizza. Oh wow, yes I’m drooling on myself now. Yep. Very much looking forward to our trip. Oh, and looking forward to seeing family too. That’s always the most memorable and best part of any trip!

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