Inside the Picture

Still. That’s the one word I’d use to describe living in America so far. Still, no movement, and quiet. Like living in a picture hung on the wall. There’s detail and depth. Color and shadows. All around me I see manicured lawns, perfect sidewalks, brightly colored houses. Fences and sidewalks. Blue skies. Perfect. A beautiful […]

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Recapturing Photography. Making Each Picture Count.

I’ve been trying something new with my photography lately. You know on digital cameras how right after you take a picture it shows you a preview of what you just shot? Well, I went into my camera settings and turned off that feature. I don’t want to see a preview anymore. You might think that’s […]

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Some Photos From Wisconsin

We’ve really enjoyed our time in Wisconsin the past couple weeks. The weather has been just beautiful and just about everyday we’ve been out taking walks enjoying the delightful breeze and scenery. Eli’s been taking in all the new sights and sounds here on the farm. Everything from swings, to trees and grass are all […]

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Haircutting Ceremony In Our Backyard!

Kim and I participated in an event in our neighborhood called an Aqiqah or ‘haircutting ceremony’. When a baby reaches a certain age, somewhere between 40 days and four months, a party is held to celebrate the new life. It varies when this celebration is held, but usually after the baby is healthy and deemed […]

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“Oh a Hiking We Will Go. . .” (Through the Sumatran Jungle)

Last week some friends and I took a hike up a nearby mountain and swam in a waterfall. I really enjoyed the excursion. Something about village life in Sumatra always puts a smile on my face. The locals are always eager to accompany us up to the summit and swim with us. I want to […]

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