Baby Steps Back to America

We’re counting down the days now till we get back to the States. Just barely over a month to go. Honestly, it’s hard to keep focused on life and job here in Indonesia when such new and exciting things are in store for us in the very near future. We always think about America as this great place to return to. I mean, what’s not to like about it- great food and restaurants, ease of travel, peace and quiet, privacy, comfortable lodging and homes, sofas, air conditioning. . . and best of all- friends and family whom we miss so dearly! There’s much to look forward to. And even more so this time. We’re expecting the birth of our first baby Sept. 22nd. We found out recently that he’s a boy, so we just couldn’t be happier. We already dove head first into ‘baby world’ and all that that encompasses; reading books, magazines, registering for baby stuff, making decisions, baby names, baby clothes, diaper choices, etc. Man, there’s a lot of stuff out there! Who knew? We’re just taking this one baby step at a time grateful for these new changes in our life.

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