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Contrast and diversity

I am so amazed by the contrasts I find in SE Asia. One minute I’m eating fish and mush on the floor of a random family that invited us in for a chat. . . the other minute I’m eating a mouth-watering burger at TGI Fridays restaurant. The contrast between rich and poor is so […]

Stream of consciousness

I’m feeling pretty good about the end of the year. We’ve had a lot of planning to do, more than I could’ve ever expected. But our visa is about to expire and as such, we have to leave the country to get a new one. That, as well as sell our big furniture items, pack […]

A Slow Drive Along Village Roads

This country really is beautiful if I ever just stop and take a good look. All too often I get lost in the daily things that I do here, like going to language school, working on newsletters, reading, going to restaurants, etc. A lot of things can quickly take up my time if I’m not […]

Comparing Apples to Oranges

One of the hardest parts about living in a foreign country is the language. Of course this seems pretty obvious, but it is a LOT more difficult than I imagined. It’s not just that I can’t talk to people or communicate. The difficult part is being reduced to an infant when trying to communicate what […]

A Retreat with Kim’s Parents

It was so wonderful having Kim’s parents visit us here in country. I think the most exciting part for me was when they first came out the terminal doors, fatigued and tired, yet smiling nonetheless. It meant so much that they would travel so far just to be with us. I know how long and […]

What I Want for my Birthday

My birthday is coming up and I have a few modest wishes. I don’t really want to go anywhere, or throw a huge party. Afterall, I’m living overseas and I’m kind of limited in what I can do. But living within my means, it would be great if I could sleep overnight at a really […]