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The Freedom to Breath

I’m sitting here at the Starbucks in the Jakarta international airport. We’re all checked in and just waiting for our flight later tonight to Singapore. We have several hours until we leave, so a lot of time to kill. This is rare for us. . . having time to kill. In fact it’s so rare […]

Gettin’ out of town

Getting very psyched about our upcoming trip to Singapore. We leave in just two days. Can’t wait. We’ll only be there a week but I think that’ll be enough. I know it’ll be a full and very memorable week. And I don’t think it could come any sooner really. We need a break. We need […]

Above the Waters

Been a busy day. Did some painting, helped at our language school, going to a meeting later to talk about our friend’s homestay. . . Everything we planned to do today sorta got lost in the shuffle. Not a very predictable day. But we’re trying to have a good helpful attitude about it. This really […]

Chasing the Sun

For the first time ever I can say that I saw the sun rise in the West. The West you say?? Yep, I saw the sun rise in the West, not the East. Kim and I boarded our plane in Detroit headed for Hong Kong. At first we flew straight north up into Canada. At […]

Always a Language Student

Enjoying our time back in America. We’re in Wisconsin now, and the weather is decidedly a lot cooler than Indiana. We’re adapting. . . slowly but surely to the weather. Again, we thought we wouldn’t be able to cut it- we thought we’d be frozen stiff by now. But thus far it hasn’t been TOO […]


back in America and how do I know? a hundred million little things it’s look, sound, smell I awaken in the morning and all I hear is quiet shelter, warmth and family a blanket for my soul the biggest noise is silence quiet fills the room I’m looking for the roosters the cars and neighbors, vendors […]


We’re back in the States- first time back since a year and nine months. Just have to say that it’s been very intriguing and interesting being back.

Home Stay

It’s been one of the most remarkable, intriguing and perhaps challenging weeks of my life. Leaving the comforts and familiarity of my modern, American culture and lifestyle, we’ve been ‘roughing it’ for the past week living with a local family and searching for a house of our own. So what does it look like? We […]

Contrast and diversity

I am so amazed by the contrasts I find in SE Asia. One minute I’m eating fish and mush on the floor of a random family that invited us in for a chat. . . the other minute I’m eating a mouth-watering burger at TGI Fridays restaurant. The contrast between rich and poor is so […]