A Slow Drive Along Village Roads

This country really is beautiful if I ever just stop and take a good look. All too often I get lost in the daily things that I do here, like going to language school, working on newsletters, reading, going to restaurants, etc. A lot of things can quickly take up my time if I’m not careful- and it does!

But yesterday Kim and I went for a little motor bike ride up and around one of the nearby mountains, just outside of town. Although our city is not that big compared to others, leaving the “city limits” brings you to a much more rural, more village like atmosphere. As we drove by people looked at us differently than they do in the city, probably because they don’t expect to see bule (white people) up that far. But the scenery along the road quickly transforms into a much more beautiful scene. We drove past a bunch of kids playing soccer at dusk, we weaved along several beautifully terraced fields- like a waterfall of soil. We passed many local farmers carrying their day’s harvest on their shoulders back into town or wherever. And the mountains loomed large off in front of us. Going around in the evening, like we did, was a lot fresher (cooler) and the sun set bursting over the mountain was quite stunning.

All these things we had to take in while driving slowly along the narrow road. We stopped a couple times and looked around, but for the most part it was a drive by. I hope that my experience here is not just a “drive by”. I want to be a part of what I see. I want to live IN it, not just look AT it. There are so many beautiful moments and memories just waiting for me if I take the time to enjoy them. They are so totally here!

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