A Retreat with Kim’s Parents

It was so wonderful having Kim’s parents visit us here in country. I think the most exciting part for me was when they first came out the terminal doors, fatigued and tired, yet smiling nonetheless. It meant so much that they would travel so far just to be with us. I know how long and grueling of a trip it is to fly halfway around the world. It’s definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

But they did it. They made it safely here. Our time in Mtown was a little rushed. We only had five days or so to show them as much of our life here as possible. We built into our schedule down-time, but for whatever reason it always seemed we were busy doing something.

Bali was very different. It was incredibly relaxing and slow. Our resort/condo was in the middle of nowhere. Well, to be exact, it was in the middle of a bunch of villages, in the middle of the jungle, just a ten minute walk from the empty beach. Needless to say, it was VERY quiet at our place. There were only 7 or 8 other cottages and so we became very acquainted with the staff. Talk about personalized service!

Because it was so empty, quiet, and isolated we had plenty of time to slow down, talk and make it more fun for each other. In this case, the lack of options was really quite refreshing. Sometimes choices overwhelm me. Last time we were in Bali Kim and I stayed in a different town. We never ate at the same restaurant twice and had plenty of activities to choose from. I think after this vacation I’ve concluded that I like fewer options and less to do than more. That is the point of a vacation, right? To get away. And get away we did.

We’re back home now. It seems more dull to us than before. But we have a computer full of good pictures, and lots of great memories to carry us until we see them again.

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